Manufactured and Processed Items

Whole Spices Dhall (Lentils) (Whole)
Chilli Dry Ginger Broad Beans Gram Dhall
Cardamom Turmeric Roasted Gram Dhall Masoor Dhall
Cumin Coriander Green Beans Channa Dhall
Fennel Sesame Seed Red Beans Toor Dhall
Star  Aniseed Nutmeg Ground Nuts Mong Dhall
Cloves Kathira Cashewnut Urid Dhall
Cinnamon Stick Black Pepper Almonds Chick peas
Bay Leaf Ajwain Seed Black Eye Beans Yellow  Gram
Black Mustard Sajeera
Fenugreek Ummas
Black Cumin Mustard Urid Mix    
Selasai White Pepper    
Candle Nut Mixed Spices for Meat & Chicken    
Mixed Spices for Fish

Specialty Mixes Specialty Non-Mixes Flour Instant Pre-Mixes
Meat & Chicken Curry Powder Black Pepper Powder Gram Dhall Iddly
Fish Curry Powder Chilli Coarse Maida Thosai
Biriyani Powder Chilli Powder Rice Kesari
Garam Masala Cinnamon Powder Rava Payasam
Kuruma Powder Coriander Powder Iddly Bhajji
Rasam Powder Cumin Powder Semolina Uppuma
Sambar Powder Fennel Powder Ragi
Soup Masala Turmeric Powder Wheat
Dalcha Masala White Pepper Powder Besan
Caradamon Powder Green Beans
Nutmeg Powder Idiyappam

Rice Other Food Items
Basmati Rice Soyamate Ghee
Fragrant Rice Jaggery Balls Milk Powder
Parboiled Rice Yellow Sugar Pappadam
Ponni Parboiled Rice Black Sugar Curd Chilli
Black Pulot Rice Rock Sugar Peruncam Powder and Cubes
White Pulot Rice Rose Water Tomato Paste
Iddly Rice Vegetable Oil Vermicelli
Broken Rice Tamarind Vanaspathi
Rice Flacks Asafoetida Powder (In cube & powder form) Mango, Lemon, Garlic and Mixed vegetable pickle

Non-Food Item
Chandrika Soap & Chandrika Sandal Soap Incense Stick

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